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Q. Why advertise on Cherry Asian Escorts?
A. Advertising on Cherry Asian Escorts is the best way to promote yourself/your agency in the UK and globally due to our excellent SEO programme, along with extensive media advertising around the world which ensures we are highly visible online.


More information can be found on the Cherry Asian Advertising page on the site.

Q. Do I have to advertise on Cherry Girls as well as Cherry Asian Escorts?
A. No, but if you are based in London, England, it would be beneficial to advertise on both websites to boost your online presence still further.

Q. Is there a minimum advertising period?
A. Yes, the minimum time is 3 months.

Q. How do I get professional photos done?
A. Ensure you use a photographer who specialises in glamour photography. If you are in London, there are a number of photographers who advertise on Cherry Girls who can be contacted by clicking here….